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"Brunch with the PROS" - Filipinas in Motion - Jan 31, 2010 @ Intramuros Restaurant

January 31, 2010 3:08 AM | Deleted user
Sunday was a beautiful day for the first salo salo for 2010! It was great to witness the spirited Pinay Peer Discussions. Hope we made a difference in the 11 protegees who participated in the Pinay Circles. Hope you all continue the Pinay Circles, and use the Circle Guidelines we gave out last Sunday and attached to the email today. We want to capture your thoughts, comments and musings on what the event was like...including the salo salo food served and the fabulous waitstaff! If you took photos, please send vial email attachments to filipina@ffwn.org. Maraming salamat!!! Let'd keep the discussion going! FWN Salo Salo Committee - Michelle, Jennifer, Sonia, Val, Pearl, Genevieve, Franklin and Al.


  • February 05, 2010 4:20 AM | Aileen Suzara
    Group Notes: "Filipin@s in Health, Wellness, & Nonprofit Community Organizations"

    Maraming salamat to FWN organizers, and to all those who participated in our table's rich peer discussions.
    Our diverse group included toxicologists, health practitioners, organizers, educators, students, dentists,
    environmental advocates, and many others interested in building both health and the community.

    In capturing some of the questions, stories, concerns and insights, these were some key points of connection
    raised within the groups:

    * health: it goes beyond the personal, and must include the health of our shared environment and global

    * lifetime of service: while we have carved out our own pathways in our work in the US, we share a commitment and
    passion for giving back, from supporting our daughters, to joining task force to address key issues, to volunteerism

    * the environment: we are concerned about the state of our environment and seek ways to connect the strength and
    knowledge already in our communities to achieve true health that includes our earth

    * intergenerational leadership: we value the wisdom and exchange of ideas across generations, and the need for
    intergenerational spaces such as FWN

    * Pin@y roles: group members acknowledged the roles of Pinay women doing the footwork in the US, and the
    importance of building visibility and support networks both within and beyond our communities

    As a note, both groups, while focusing on community work and health, expressed concerns for passing
    down language, culture, and sense of history to the next generations. There was a sense of loss - feeling that language
    and traditional foods, for example, are being lost on to the next generations. There was also expression of hope,
    such as the work of one young woman's program with youth to learn Filipino and Fil-Am history. As a discussion
    co-chair, I felt this underlying conversation has a lot of energy and importance to us all - and informs any field we
    work within - and could be the launching point for future conversations.
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  • October 24, 2017 5:49 AM | Lollipop Condos
    It was great day for us. Thanks

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