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Sheroes & Legends: The Hall of Fame Ceremony

Sheroes & Legends award

The FWN Sheroes & Legends award
is the highest honor given by the Filipina Women's Network

California Lt. Governor

December 17, 2009

California Chief Justice

October 13, 2011

Author & Activist

December 14, 2012

An FWN Shero & Legend is a professional woman whose achievements have opened doors, set new standards, paved the way, and helped build the foundation for the careers of Filipina women. She is someone who has broken the glass ceiling; someone who has earned a "first" position in the private and public sectors.

An FWN Shero & Legend is celebrated as our Tala and our Amihan.

Tala means a bright star. Tala is also the name of the goddess of stars in Tagalog mythology.

Amihan in Tagalog folklore is the first creature to inhabit the universe. In the Tagalog legend, Amihan is a bird, who saved the first human beings, Malakas and Maganda from a bamboo plant.

Amihan also means northeast monsoon evoking affinity to the wind.  Monsoon weather occurs early in the year or “first” in the year. In the Philippines, Amihan refers to the season dominated by the “trade winds” which are experienced in the Philippines as a cool northeast wind. In meteorology, the trade winds act as the steering flow for tropical storms that form over the Atlantic, Pacific, and south Indian Oceans that make landfall in North America, Southeast Asia, and India, respectively.

An FWN Shero & Legend  breaks new ground, blazes a trail; is at the forefront.  

Amihan is also considered the mother figure among the Sang'gres (the royal Diwatas or goddesses).  She has a soft heart for those she loves, especially her family. She is regal and majestic, often exhibiting a queenly aura of power and nobility. Though she is fierce in battle, she is the warm heart of the family of Sang'gres. She is the wisest and most caring of the Sang'gres, often acting like the eldest sister, even though she's the second-born daughter.

The Filipina women selected for the Sheroes & Legends Award each have a rich history as represented symbolically by Tala and Amihan. Their professional career paths have inspired and opened doors for many Filipina women in all industries.

The Sheroes & Legends Award is FWN’s and the Filipino community’s opportunity to pay tribute to their accomplishments.

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