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Summit 2010 Learning Tracks

  • What can we do to nurture a culture where every Filipina leader feels responsible for creating her own area of expertise courageously - even against resistance?
  • What can we do to encourage openness towards new things, learning, and change in our Filipina American community?
  • What can we do to support each other working on their best ability and walking the "extra mile" for success?
  • What can we do to ensure motivation, ability to perform, and the health of our Pinay sisters in a result driven work and business environment?

Filipina Leadership Summit Design Overview
Thematically, the FWN Summit sessions focus on "advancing Filipina women in the United States and global workplaces" as career professionals and entrepreneurs operating in the private and public sectors including the military and defense industries. FWN's educational programming is designed to reflect FWN's mission and goals:

  • Enhance public perceptions of Filipina women's capacities to lead,
  • Change biases against Filipina women's leadership abilities,
  • Promote the entry of Filipina women into positions of leadership in corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors,
  • Build the Filipina community's pipeline of qualified leaders to increase the odds that some will rise to the President position in all sectors.

FWN's Professional Development Philosophy

The FWN Summit has a leadership learning focus building on the key Leadership Competencies that enable Filipina leaders and professionals improve their effectiveness so they can do successful work in the U.S. and global workplaces.

Competencies can be defined as: knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, accomplishments, traits, and/or characteristics, i.e., success factors, that when combined and demonstrated with the necessary level of proficiency, would yield desired outcomes.  It sets the stage to further leverage strengths, identify characteristics for successful leadership and areas for improvement.

The FWN Leadership Competencies are inspired by the major leadership attributes based on more than 25 years of research, observation and recurring themes from leaders who have attended the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) programs:
  • Vision
  • Diplomacy
  • Personal Style
  • Management
  • Feedback
  • Personal Energy
  • Empowerment
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Multicultural Awareness

Register for the Filipina Summit at www.ffwn.org/events.  All sessions are held in Las Vegas at Bally's Hotel ion the 26th Floor, North Tower, at the beautiful Skyview meeting rooms.

"Leading Yourself" Learning Track
Sponsored by Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is Proud to be the Official Airline of Filipina Women’s Network
  • Lessons of Leadership:  What I Learned at the White House
  • Struggles in Shaping My Filipina American Image
  • Political Success Story:  A Filipina Woman Leader in Nevada
  • Can You Smell the Future?
  • Being Corporate Savvy: How to Avoid Career-Ending Moments
  • Real-world leadership stories of successful entrepreneurs. Growing an idea. Building a team. Staying true to your vision.
  • Filipina Superwoman:  Yes! I Can Fly!
  • Taking Your Career to the Next Level
  • Violence at Home: What to do. Who to turn to.

"Leading Others" Learning Track
Sponsored by Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

  • Our Time Has Come: Why Filipina Women Must Seize the Momentum Now
  • Why A Meeting of Leaders?
  • Leading Filipina Women of the World: Wins & Challenges
  • Global Development Alliances: Leading Social Change. Leading People. Giving Back
  • "Filipinas in Motion" Idea Circles

October is an important month for women nationwide.

Celebrating Filipino American History Month:
The earliest documented proof of Filipino presence in the United States was at Morro Bay, California in October 1587.

October 8, 2010, Friday, 7:30pm
  • Posthumous Recognition of Dr. Rena Nora
  • Benefit Performance of the "SHEroes Monologues"
  • "Kwentuhan" and Dessert Reception

Celebrating Domestic Violence Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness

October 9, 2010, Saturday, 7:30pm
  • Cabaret Supper
  • Benefit Performance of "The Vagina Monologues"
"Leading the Organization" Learning Track
Sponnsored by the Philippine Department of Trade & Industry

Philippine Department of Trade & Industry for the United States

  • Filipina Women Who Could Be President Panel
  • Make Me A Filipina Millionaire
  • State of the Filipina American Community in the United States Report: Our Electeds, Appointeds, High Ranking Corporate Filipinas
  • Social Media:  Own it or Lose.
  • State of the Philippines Report
  • The Global Filipina World Cafe´ - Calling All FWN 100s:  Pinay Power 2010 Planning in DC
  • Filipina Migrants for Sale
  • Growing Your Venture As A Business:  From Concept to Practice to Closing the Sale

Upcoming events

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