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Developing Personal Power and Influence, Empowering Each Other


The name “Filipinas in Motion” was selected to describe the many roles of Filipina women. The name envisions the Filipina woman as constantly growing, transforming, innovating, and changing herself as she secures her place in the world. Filipinas in Motion showcases Filipina women in a wide range of professional roles and actively involved in corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations. It is about celebrating Filipina women, sharing stories and strategies, and passing on their wisdom to those who may need the inspiration. Filipinas in Motion is about “what it means to be a Filipina woman today.”


These are small discussion groups of Filipina women in similar fields and professional areas of expertise. Each group has a Discussion Leader who will facilitate the flow of ideas and ensure participant sharing and empowerment. Topics will cover career strategies, real-life stories (triumphs, struggles, accomplishments), an insider’s perspective on how Filipinas navigate their unique workplaces, and best practices on how to “arrive, survive, and thrive” in the world of work. These small group discussions will provide an environment to restart thought processes and expand thinking. Participants can sign up for any group of their choice.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, career changer, homemaker, new or re-entering the workplace, up-and-coming supervisor, seasoned manager, or top executive, Filipinas in Motion has a place for you. FWN provides tools to improve life skills, career competencies, and capacities for leadership effectiveness - thinking strategically, acting decisively, and influencing others. Focusing on real life, business, and career advancement experiences from practitioners, corporate managers, and community leaders along with peer-to-peer networking are the distinguishing features of FWN meetings.


  • Filipinas in the Arts
    • Judy Romanenkov, JBMR Paintings (Discussion Leader)
  • Filipinas in Communications (Public Relations, Marketing & the Media)
    • Leslie Guevarra, Associate Editor, Greener World Media Inc. (Discussion Leader)
  • Filipinas in Education
    • Thelma Boac, Principal, Silver Creek High School (Discussion Leader)
  • Filipina Entrepreneurs
    • Lennie DiCarlo, Founder/CEO, xRoads Philippine Sea Salts (Discussion Leader)
  • Filipinas in Finance
    • Chelo Pallas, SEC & GAAP Compliance Manager, URS Corporation (Discussion Leader)
  • Filipinas in Government
    • Anita Sanchez, Executive Director, Civil Service Commission, City & County of San Francisco (Discussion Leader)
  • Filipinas in Healthcare
    • Dr. Mayette Almazan, The Specialty Center, Inc. (Discussion Leader)
  • Filipinas in Human Resources (Organization Development & Training)
    • Vashti R. Sinigayan, Recruiter/HR Professional, Aerotek (Discussion Leader)
  • Filipinas in Law
    • Charina Garcia, Esq., Cornerstone Law Group (Discussion Leader)
  • Filipinas in Uniform & Law Enforcement
    • Eileen Quibuyen, FBI (Discussion Leader) invited
  • Filipinas in Nonprofit, Faith & Community Organizations
    • Mitos Santisteban, President, ABS CBN Foundation (Discussion Leader)
  • Filipinas in Politics
    • Joanne F. del Rosario, Mayor, City of Colma, California (Discussion Leader)
  • Filipinas in Science & Technology
    • Alelei Funcel, Senior Vice President, Solaria (Discussion Leader) invited

To join the Filipinas in Motion Discussion Groups or to apply as a Discussion Group Leader, send an email to filipina@ffwn.org indicating your interest, your name, and attach your 2-page resume.

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