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Filipina Summit 2011

The Future We Make

Stanford Court Renaissance • San Francisco • October 13 - 15, 2011


in•flu•ence |ˈinfloŏəns| - noun

  • the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself
  • the power to shape policy or ensure favorable treatment from someone, esp. through status, contacts, or wealth
  • a person or thing with such a capacity or power
  • archaic Physics: electrical or magnetic induction
  • verb impact, guide, control, shape, govern, change, alter

How do you find your Filipina Voice? 

How do we collectively shape
the Filipina Voice?

The summit's theme this year will highlight the many voices of Filipina women nationwide and how we can leverage our community voice to shape sophisticated strategies to advance Filipina women in every sector in the U. S. workplace.

This year we are honoring the 3rd group of Influential Filipina Women paying tribute to their work in our communities and in their professions that collectively enhances the rich history of our Filipina American culture.

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, career changer, homemaker, new or re-entering the workplace, up-and-coming supervisor, seasoned manager, or top executive, the Filipina Summit has a place for you.

The summit sessions will highlight the FWN 100 Groups for “Kwentuhan” – sharing experiences, being strategic in cross-racial alliances and partnerships, building capacity, getting elected, civic participation, social entrepreneurship, leadership lessons, engaging the youth, developing our pipeline of trailblazers:Founders & Pioneers
Innovators & Thought Leaders
Policymakers & Visionaries
Behind the Scenes Leaders
Builders & Emerging Leaders
FWN provides tools to improve life skills, career competencies, and capacities for leadership effectiveness – thinking strategically, acting decisively, and influencing others. Focusing on real life, business, and career advancement experiences from practitioners, corporate managers, and community leaders along with peer-to-peer networking are the distinguishing features of FWN meetings.

AsianWeek Foundation
AT&T Rethink Possible     Ramar Foods International
  Wells Fargo     Southwest AirlinesEvelyn S. Dilsaver
Chevron     Filipino American Arts Exposition     Philippine News

Dellie and Achelle Punla   Dr. Estela C. Matriano  Esther Chavez  
Dr. Josefina Enriquez  Lillian Gonzales-Pardo MD   Maria Beebe, Ph.D. Peet's
 Maria Benel Se-Liban   Esther M. Chavez & Christina Laskowski, Margarita Chavez & Katrina Montinola   Mila Josue   Soledad Manaay 

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