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Pinay Power 2012: Time Capsule Project

Archiving your life stories 
to inspire the next generation of Filipina leaders

A time capsule is a way for us to deliver important messages so that our designated heirs have a sense of what life was like for us when they open our time capsule in the future.

When Pinay Power 2012 was birthed at FWN's future search conference at the 4th Filipina Summit in 2006, the Filipino community was celebrating 100 years of Filipino migration in America.  Strikingly missing were the stories and documentation of the contributions of Filipina women. "Never again forget the role of Filipina women in the building of America," said Marily Mondejar, president of FWN.  This statement inspired the Pinay Power 2012: Time Capsule Project.

This project will actively promote Filipina women's capacities to lead, innovate and inspire the next generation of women.

Check out the FWN 100 Time Capsule videos

About the Time Capsule Project

In preparation for Pinay Power 2012 and the celebration of the next 100 years of Filipina presence in America, FWN will interview FWN's 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S. and the Keepers of the Flame to create a digital and print archive that will serve as a time capsule for future generations. 

The Time Capsule Project will utilize the following media:

  •  Video documentation - The interviews will capture the FWN 100's personal stories, reveal the barriers they faced as Filipina women and emphasize their specific cultural richness that helped enhance their success. The individual video interviews will be edited to 20 minutes each. 
  • The Internet - The interviews will be further edited down to 3-5 minute clips, and uploaded on a specially created FWN YouTube page and the FWN website to highlight the individual fortitude of these women - thereby inspiring new Filipina leaders.  The edited interview clips will be uploaded as they are completed and will be available for viewing globally. 
  • Print edition of the FWN 100 Souvenir Book featuring the inspiring stories of of the FWN 100 excerpted from the video interviews and/or personal interviews or personal statement.  The book will be printed on archival paper that will hopefully last for 100 years when the time capsule is opened. 
Video has the power to change perceptions. The Internet brings video to the masses on a daily basis. The image of Filipinas could be radically transformed through the use of this new technology.

Filipina women have been praised as the 'silent but talented minority group' and at the same time perceived as 'submissive and exotic', overlooking their leadership and management skills. This stereotype can be shattered with the click of a mouse. 

By using the Internet, these videos will reach a worldwide audience and bring an all too often marginalized community their earned recognition.


  • Timeframe - FWN proposes to video all of the FWN 100 awardees who are interested in participating and would like to have their personal stories included over the course of six months in various locations. 
  • To manage costs, FWN will minimize time and travel by recording several women at one central regional location (i.e. Northeastern site for those in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania).
  • Photo shoot - to ensure that we have high-quality photos for the FWN 100 souvenir book, a photo shoot will be scheduled either before or after your video interview.
  • Wardrobe - FWN encourages participants to wear authentic or Filipina-inspired outfits to preserve our Filipina heritage unless you prefer an outfit that complements your profession.
  • Appointments will be on a first paid, first served basis.

FWN invites your participation in the Time Capsule project.  This project will be funded through sponsorships and advertising.  We ask that you find a sponsor or self-fund your participation. 

The individual Time Capsule package includes:

  • 15-minute edited video interview which will form part of the FWN 100 video series (one hour interview session required).
  • Receive one DVD copy of your 15-minute edited video interview.  Additional copies are extra ($25).
  • 3-5 minute video clips uploaded to FWN's YouTube site and FWN website.
  • Receive a copy of the YouTube clip.
  • 15-30 minute photo shoot (receive digital copy of photo selected for the FWN 100 Souvenir Book).
  • Two-page feature (bio and photo) included in the FWN 100 Souvenir Book.
  • Receive one copy of the FWN 100 Souvenir Book.  Additional copies are extra ($150 each). *Please wear an authentic Filipina or Filipina-inspired outfit for the photo shoot and video taping unless you prefer an outfit that better represents your profession.
  • Participation fees are non-refundable.

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