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"Vagina Warriors: The New Revolution" celebrate new activists and leaders who are working to end FWN Vagina Warrior.jpgviolence against women in the Filipino and Asian communities.  Vagina Warriors are the women and men who have often experienced violence personally or witnessed it within their communities and dedicated themselves toward ending such violence through effective, grassroots means.  The Filipina Women's Network is proud to honor these individuals who personify such courage and conviction.  They have faced and overcome adversity in their lives and are actively involved in or heading efforts to end violence against women and girls. 

Read V-Diaries Anti-Violence Resource Guide to learn more about how these extraordinary women and men have transformed violence and worked to ensure it does not happen to anyone else in their communities.
"Being a Vagina Warrior “means developing the spiritual muscle to enter and  survive the grief that violence brings and, in that dangerous space of  stunned unknowing, inviting the deeper wisdom.
Celebrate Vagina Warriors.  Let them be honored and seen. 
Let more be born.
                         —  Eve Ensler

2012 Vagina Warriors

      Adam Keigwin                   John Delgado                     Julie Soo

2011 Vagina Warriors

Katrina Socco  Noelani Sallings  Nwe Oo  Susie Quesada
       Katrina Socco                 Noelani Sallings                     Nwe Oo                     Susie Quesada

2010 Vagina Warriors

  Gloria T. Caoile    Rozita Lee Villanueva
          Gerri Nuval                  Gloria T. Caoile                Nilda Valmores          Rozita Lee Villanueva

2009 Vagina Warriors

Liz Tarchi.png   GenevieveJopanda.jpg   Paulita Malay.jpg   Rodel Rodis.jpg
       Elizabeth "Liz"              Genevieve Jopanda          Paulita Lasola Malay             Rodel Rodis

2008 Vagina Warriors

Annalisa Enrile.gif   Ken Marquis.jpg   theisen_kenA.jpg   Evelina Galang.gif
       Annalisa Enrile                   Ken Marquis                    Ken Theisen                 M. Evelina Galang

Mona Pasquil.jpg   Nenette Flores.gif   Sonia.jpg   Judge Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye 2.jpg
        Mona Pasquil                  Nenette Flores                    Sonia Delen                Justice Tani Gorre
warriors                                                                                                                   Cantil-Sakauye

2007 Vagina Warriors

Al Perez.jpg   Bettina Santos Yap   BincyJacob.jpg   ElenaMangahasHeadShot2.jpg
          Al S. Perez                 Bettina Santos Yap                Bincy Jacob                Elena B. Mangahas

Krittika Ghosh3.jpg   Laureen Laglagaron.jpg   PerladeJesus.jpg   Rudy Asercion.jpg
       Krittika Ghosh              Laureen Laglagaron             Perla de Jesus                 Rudy Asercion

Venessa Manzano.jpg
    Venessa Manzano

2006 Vagina Warriors

Beverly Upton.jpg   Dorka Keehn 2.jpg   Gloria Megino Ochoa.jpg   Imelda Oppenheim - V Warrior photo2.jpg
       Beverly Upton                     Dorka Kheen             Gloria Megino Ochoa         Imelda Oppenheim

Jonah Oliverio.jpg   Ligaya Hattari.jpg   Sarah Jane Ilumin - web.jpg   Tess Crescini
      Jonah Oliverio                   Ligaya Hattari                Sarah Jane Illumin               Tess Crescini

2005 Vagina Warriors

Giovannie Pico2.jpg   Gloria Ramos.jpg   Kamala Harris 2.jpg   Rita Villavicencio Schmid
       Giovannie Pico                   Gloria Ramos                Kamala D. Harris       Rita Villavicencio Schmid

Velma Veloria photo.jpg   Emily_Murase-12_website.jpg
   Velma Roset Veloria    SF Commission and Department on the Status of Women
                                          represented by Emily Murase, Executive Director

2004 Vagina Warriors

BlesildaOcampo.jpg   Cherie Querol Moreno2.jpg   Clara Tempongko.jpg   Genevieve Dwyer 1.jpg
      Blesilda Ocampo         Cherie Querol Moreno         Clara Tempongko             Genevieve Dwyer

Leni Marin.jpg   Mendoza, tisa2.jpg   Vangie Buell - final 2.jpg
          Leni Marin                      Tisa Mendoza          Vangie Canonizado Buell

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