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  • Virtual Water Cooler: Marily Mondejar & Al Perez: Redistricting in the U.S.: What It Is and Why You Should You Care

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Virtual Water Cooler: Marily Mondejar & Al Perez: Redistricting in the U.S.: What It Is and Why You Should You Care

  • February 18, 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Zoom Meeting
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Marily Mondejar

Founder & CEO, Filipina Women's Network

"Redistricting in the U.S.: What It Is and Why You Should You Care"

Federal law requires that states with more than one Representative must redistrict after each decennial census to account for population shifts within the state as well as (when necessary) to add or remove congressional districts.

Redistricting in the United States is the process of drawing electoral district boundaries. The Uniform Congressional District Act (enacted in 1967) requires that representatives be elected from single-member districts. When a state has a single representative, that district will be state-wide. Redistricting has become subject to contentious political debate in recent years with critics arguing that it has been weaponized to neutralize minority voting power. Supporters say it enhances electoral competitiveness.

Marily Mondejar is a Filipina American feminist, a community organizer, and an untiring advocate against domestic violence and trafficking of Filipina women. She is the founding president and CEO of the Foundation for Filipina Women’s Network, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization for women of Philippine ancestry with members in 34 countries today. 

Marily has dedicated the last decade to transforming how global Filipina women view themselves and how others perceive them. Her passion to help Filipina women achieve previously unimaginable levels of performance in the public and private sectors has driven her to nurture programs that influence Filipina women's businesses and careers, breaking barriers that make it difficult or impossible to succeed.

Marily serves and has served on nonprofit boards and commissions appointed by San Francisco Mayors Gavin Newsom and Edwin Lee. She was appointed by San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee to serve on the San Francisco Redistricting Task Force in 2012 that redrew the boundaries of San Francisco's 11 districts, laying the groundwork for the city's political future for the next decade. Marily served for eight years was elected three times (2017-2019) to become Chair/President of the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure (CCII), the successor agency for the San Francisco Redevelopment Commission.

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