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Virtual Water Cooler: Denise Lopez PhD

  • February 11, 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Zoom Meeting
  • 100


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Every Friday: 8AM-9AM PST

Zoom link to attend: https://on.ffwn.org/2OabvYY

Denise Lopez PhD

Global FWN100™2021

Professor, Alliant International University

Los Angeles, CA

Filipinas with PhDs Series

So you've earned your PhD. FWN invites FWN members to share the many years they've spent in research and interviews and how they have successfully defended their dissertations.

"The Power of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: How Leader Expectations and Attributions Can Affect Performance"

Positive and negative expectations can have a cyclical effect on how individuals set goals, perform, and explains their successes and failures. This has implications on the performance and self-image of women and minorities at school and in the workplace, since they are typically the recipients of low expectations by others (e.g., teachers and supervisors).

Dr. Denise Lopez is Professor of Organizational Psychology at Alliant International University,  Los Angeles, CA. She teaches and conducts research on leadership, cultural diversity, employee engagement, and organizational change. She is also a credentialed executive coach. She received her MA and PhD from Columbia University, New York. 

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FWN convenes a weekly Virtual Water Cooler. Showing up for each other. A gathering to share, ask and give. 

SHARE: Do you have a story, an article, a job promotion, an award you received, news about your company, an idea you want to share?

ASK: Do you need advice, a resource, a contact, someone to review your resume or a speech you're writing, guidance on a marketing pitch or grant proposal? I know it's not in our culture to ask for help as many of us feel ashamed. Know that you are in a safe, private and confidential environment.

GIVE: Do you have something to give? A free consultation, a book, an item you no longer need, a ticket to attend a Zoom event or conference, a discount coupon, a free meal? Receiving is at the heart of our connection with one another. It is about paying forward.

This weekly gathering is to demonstrate the abiding power of FWN's personal connections and bringing people together in solidarity and comfort.

REGISTER via Zoom: https://on.ffwn.org/2OabvYY

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