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Review your account history

To review your account history, you must first log in to the FWN Member Portal. From your My Profile page, click the Invoices and payments link.

Any record on Invoices and payments tab can be opened and reviewed in detail.

For example, to review registration information for an event, they click the corresponding invoice to view the details.

From invoice details, click on Event registration link to see the specifics of past event registration.

Pay your open invoices

Invoices with open balances (unpaid or partially paid) will be shown at the top of the Invoices and payments screen.

From here, you can select one or more outstanding invoices then click the appropriate button to make the payment. You can also select and apply any unused account credits to the net amount.

Invoices can be generated in several ways, such as:
  • after completing a transaction
  • event registration and/or
  • membership application or renewal.

At the end of each transaction, the system will generate an invoice and then present them at the Invoices and payments tab.

If your online payment was unsuccessful

FWN uses PayPal to process all online transactions. In rare situations, your payment information may fail to go through even though your credit/debit card information is valid. When this happens, here are other ways to pay your invoice:

  • Call your bank to verify your credit/debit card information. Sometimes banks may prevent online transactions for a variety of reasons.
    If you live outside of the U. S., make sure you select your "COUNTRY" for proper processing. Once you have verified your information, you can log back in to and continue with the payment process.
  • Call or text us at 1-415.935.4396 (or Viber text us at 1-415.610.6637) to provide us with your card information, and we will process manually. BEST time to call is 8pm PST. You can also send us an email at filipina {at} to make an appointment phone call.
  • Directly send payment via PayPal using your credit card or bank check. Go to
 and follow instructions to "Send Money" to fwn {at}
    If you live outside of the U. S., make sure you select your "COUNTRY" for easier processing. You will receive an email confirmation from PayPal that your credit card or checking account has been charged. Once PayPal approves your transaction, you will receive a confirmation from FWN. 
  • Send a check payable in U. S. dollars and mail to:
    Filipina Women's Network
    P. O. Box 192143
    San Francisco, CA 94119 USA

    **Memo on the check what you're paying for and include your NAME if check is a business account check.
    **ALERT us at if you are mailing a check so we can look out for it. ***
  • Via bank wire payment. - Send us an email at filipina {at} informing us you'd like to take this option. We will respond with the appropriate bank information.

NOTE: FFWN is 501(c) (3) non-profit. Contributions, membership dues, donations and event registrations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Tax ID# 47-3527049.

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