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Register for an event

To sign up for an event, click the Register button for at the bottom left of an event listing.

Enter your email address. If you are already logged in, your email will already be filled in (though you can change it, to register another person).

If there are multiple registration or ticket types, you will  be asked to select a registration or ticket type.

Depending on whether your are logged in or not, some member-only registration or ticket types may not be available.

If you are not logged in, but your email is in our database (for example, if you have attended a previous event or if you are a member), you will be prompted to log in. 

If you are not currently in our database, an email will be automatically sent to you with your password and other login information. You can then use this information to log in the next time you register for an event.

Once you select a registration or ticket type and click Next, the main registration form appears.

Here, you fill out the registration form, and select additional event options, if any (e.g. meal preference, event sessions).

If the event is set up with a guest registration option, you will be able to indicate the number of guests.

Once you complete the form and click Next, the event record is created and you will be prompted to confirm the transaction.

After clicking the Confirm button, you are taken to the Invoices and payment tab to complete your payment.

Registering another person separately for an event

Why would you want to do this? For example, you have already registered and paid for the event but now want to bring a guest with you to the event and pay for her registration fee.

You can register another person (for example, a guest) for an event by logging in then entering the other person's email address during the registration process.

If you are already registered for the event, click the New registration button after clicking the Register button from the event details.

In either case, you will be invoiced and directed to pay for the registration fee.

Adding guests to your event registration

Why would you want to do this? For example, you want to include your guests as part of your event registration and you'd like to pay for all registration fees at once.

After filing out your registration form, you will have the ability to either finish your registration, or you can register a guest by clicking the Add guest button.

You will then be presented with a form where you can fill in the information for your guest.

After each guest has been registered, you have the option of either completing the registration process (by clicking the Done button) or adding another guest (by click the Add another button).

Each time you add another guest, you will see a summary of all the guests you have entered. Within the list, you can modify or remove each of your guests.

After you click the Done button, you will see a summary of your registration, including any guests you have registered.

You will be invoiced the full amount for yourself and your guests, and you are responsible for the entire payment. The invoice for the event registration will contain items detailing the price and extra cost for each guest registered.

Upcoming events

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