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Accessing your membership profile

Your can access your membership profile by logging in to the FWN Member Portal. Once logged in, you will be directed to your My Profile page. To go back to your membership profile page from anywhere else in the portal, click on your Name in the upper-right corner of the page.

Viewing and editing your profile

Your profile page shows you key information about your membership. The following example shows the profile of a member:

To update their profile, click the Edit profile button.

To save the changes, they can click the Save button.

To change your communications preferences, click the Email subscriptions link.

This page allows you to adjust your email preferences. There are three types of emails you receive that you can control:

  • Event notifications – these are automatic event emails such as event announcements (sent to people not yet registered) and event reminders (sent to registered attendees only)
  • Email blasts – refers to all manual email blasts from the Filipina Women's Network
  • Forum subscriptions – will only appear if you are already subscribed to a forum's updates

By default, you will have event notifications and email blasts turned on.

Subscribed means you receive those emails, and removing the check mark will unsubscribe you. For forum subscriptions, you can also control how frequently you receive forum update notifications.

After you have made your choices, click Save.

Using the Unsubscribe link in emails

Emails sent to you will always include an Unsubscribe link in the bottom of the email.

Clicking the unsubscribe link will redirect you to a page where you can unsubscribe:

The Unsubscribe link will only unsubscribe you from one specific set of emails, not from all types of emails. For example, if you unsubscribe from a manual email (like an eblast), then you will stop receiving all manual emails, but you will continue to receive event announcements.

To unsubscribe from both types of emails you need to unsubscribe from each email type separately, or login and edit your email subscriptions as shown above.

To view your financial history, click the Invoices and payments link.

Following this link allows you to view your history of invoices and payments, and pay open invoices.

To change who sees information about you, click the Privacy link.

The Privacy link allows you to specify which fields are visible to everyone, other members, or hidden from everyone else. These settings apply to your listing in the Member Directory and on your directory profile page.

If a lock icon appears beside a field, you cannot change the privacy setting for that field.

Click the Save button to save settings, or Cancel to exit without saving.

To view how your profile is viewed by others, click the My Directory Profile link.

Click on My directory profile to preview how your profile is displayed to others based on your privacy settings.

To manage your photo albums, click the Member Photo Albums link.

You can create as many photo albums and upload as many photos as you'd like. You can also add and delete photo albums, and change the name and description of each album.

Add an album

To add a photo album to your profile, click the Create album button, if you don't have any albums yet, or the Add album button if you do.

On the dialog that appears, the member enters a title and description for the album then clicks Submit.

With the album now created, you can change the title and description by clicking the Edit details button or delete the album by clicking the Delete album button.

Adding photos to member photo albums

To upload a photo to an album, open the album (if it isn't open already) then click the Upload photos button.

On the dialog that appears, you can select up to 5 images to be uploaded at a time.

You can select photos saved using the following file formats: .jpg, .gif, .png and .tif.

After selecting the files to be uploaded, the member clicks the Upload button.

The selected photos will be uploaded and added to the photo album.

Setting a photo as the album cover

To set a photo as the album cover – so that the photo is used as the thumbnail for the album – hover over the photo within the album then click the Set as cover link.

The photo will now appear as the first photo within the album, and as the album cover on the Member photo albums page.

Assigning a photo caption

To assign a caption to a photo, click the photo within the photo album, then click the Add caption link that appears below the photo. In the field that appears, enter the caption then click Save.

The caption will appear below the photo thumbnail within the album and on the individual photo page.

Deleting photos

To a delete a photo, hover over its thumbnail within the photo album page then click the Delete link that appears.

You can also delete a photo from the individual photo page by clicking the Delete photo button that appears in the upper right corner.

Upcoming events

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